Cicero, T. J. et al. (2018)

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Bonus: 5

1. Good, 12.5/12,5

2. great, 12.5/12.5

3. What is the essence of a null hypothesis?

Hint: The independent variables is unrelated to the dependent variable.


4. How were the clients selected or nominated to be interviewed? 10.5/12.5

5. Good, 12.5/12,5

6.Please state the equation 9.5/12.5

7. Anything else? 10/12.5

8. Discuss other limitations, use the 2017paper to help you. 1/12.5
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Cicero, T. J. et al. (2018). Increased use of Heroin as an Initiating Opioid of Abuse: Further Considerations and Policy Implications. Additive

///Behaviors, 87, 267-271.

All answers must be full English sentences and all quotes must be compliant with APA citation rules. Failure to follow APA format will tigger a 20 point penalty!

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