Waiting Time

Discipline: Health Care

Type of Paper: Research paper

Academic Level: High school

Paper Format: APA

Pages: 3 Words: 825


Use this link =

Note: Use the first 4 interviews from the website above
The topic is on waiting Time

--State the topic
--State the Objective of the investigation (This is a statement of the purpose of research.)
--State the Research Question (This is a question; use a question mark.)
-In a very short paragraph, describe the reason and type of investigation - use the text above the videos to help you think about this; however, do not copy the text.

-In the next paragraphs discuss:
--Why the qualitative approach is a good strategy for answering the proposed research question? Be brief yet effective and cite a source or two on qualitative methodology.
--Data source and setting - do not just put the weblink - describe the source of the data (read!).
Where were the interviews conducted? And, who is sharing the videos?
--Sample - who was interviewed? Give a synopsis of the sample. Do not specify names.
How many interviews did you/the team use for the analysis?
What is the age and gender breakdown (as available) of the sample?
--Data analysis method - What was your (team's) process for analyzing the data? Be thorough yet concise.
Think of the steps you/the team took and how decisions were made about the codes and final themes.
Consider how the team collaborated and how discrepancies were resolved, if any.
What technology and software did you use to do the analysis?

Sources to be cite =4 if you need more you can add

Thank you