Applicability of criminology and victimology

Discipline: Criminal Justice

Type of Paper: Research proposal

Academic Level: High school

Paper Format: APA

Pages: 1 Words: 275


***After Completion of this assignment I will request you again for the research paper itself***

In Unit III, you will be tasked with completing a research paper that will provide insight into the applicability of criminology and victimology to the real world of criminal investigations. In addition, this will assist you to incorporate information and strategies provided through empirical research from previous criminology and victimology studies that contribute to the disciplines of criminal and victim profiling, which is not to be confused with racial profiling.

Criminal and victim profiling relates to the application of scientific data to a specific investigation relating to the actions or lack of actions that created the elements of the crime. Also, it contributes to the offense by the offender and the victim that directly relates to the lifestyle of each, which helps the investigator locate and identify the offender(s), as well as develop probable cause for the crime relating to the victim and the offender. It also provides research concerning the use of these two disciplines to enable law enforcement to develop criminal profiling and victim profiling strategies and techniques, and how these methods are employed in solving crimes.

***For this assignment requirement, you should include three sources that will be used for researching the Unit III Research Paper topic based on "criminology versus victimology" and provide a description of your topic and a focus of your paper in the form of an abstract (at least 150 words).
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The research paper topic assignment should be at least one page in length. Please submit your research paper topic, abstract, and reference section to your instructor as a single document. The reference section must be listed in APA format according to the APA style guide, but this assignment does not require a cover page.