Compares OR Contrasts two television shows

Discipline: English 101

Type of Paper: Essay (any type)

Academic Level: High school

Paper Format: APA

Pages: 2 Words: 550


This is a preview of the Week 7 Assignment. It will be posted again in the Week 7 folder next week.

Write an essay of at least 4-5 paragraphs that compares OR contrasts two television shows of the same type (reality shows, situation comedies, dramas, news programs, and so forth). It can be two movies, or books, as long as the same genre.

Use one of the organizational methods—subject-by-subject (block) or point-by-point (alternating)—illustrated in the Week 6 lecture notes to structure your essay. Also, be sure to include in your essay all of the good qualities of comparison and contrast discussed in this week's lesson.

Based on the textbook chapter, lecture notes, and Smart Thinking feedback (if able to use their services) write a well-constructed (organized) essay that contains: a clear thesis, a thought provoking introduction, good sentence variety, adheres to grammar rules, and a solid conclusion.

View the attached grading rubric. Also, remember to follow the paragraph length requirements for our class.

We will meet the following objectives:

1-Generate ideas for essay assignment with brainstorming techniques.

2-Incorporate introduction and conclusion strategies into essays.

3-Apply techniques for compare/contrast essay formats.

4-Write and submit a FIRST draft of the compare/contrast essay to SMART THINKING. Please see the note included in this folder on strategies for what to do if your allotment for Smarthinking is no longer available.

5- Apply feedback from Smart Thinking to revise the essay.

6-Write and revise sentence structure by connecting ideas.

7-Write and revise sentence fragments.

8-Write and revise sentences using parallelism.

9-Prepare for the final exam