Passenger Electric Cars

Discipline: Management

Type of Paper: Analysis (any type)

Academic Level: High school

Paper Format: APA

Pages: 5 Words: 1375




5. Conduct an analysis of the passenger electric cars consumer buying behavior and
preferences in those two countries, and how they make their buying decisions?

6. What are the features and benefits that the electric passenger cars consumers look for in those two counties?

D. Develop your marketing objectives for your recommended country based on your research and projections.

Marketing objectives are mainly quantitative (with some qualitative ones), and should be precise and focused. Using figures from your own market research, please include your projected annual:

1. Growth %
2. Market share %
3. Sales Units & $$
4. Average unit price $$
5. Profitability %
6. Customer satisfaction
7. CSR
8. Employees’ satisfaction
Include your time-frame, and present the figures in a table at the end of your analysis.

E. Do a breakeven analysis using your own projected figures obtained from your own research for your recommended country.

-Explain your breakeven analysis, and present the figures in a table that includes the following:
1. Forecasted average unit price (AUP)
2. Forecasted unit variable cost
3. Forecasted total fixed cost
4. Breakeven point (units)
5. Breakeven point ($$$)

Breakeven analysis is a technique the relationship between the total cost and total revenue to determine profitability at various levels of production (Kerin & Hartley, 2017).

The breakeven point (units) is the number of units sold at which total revenue is equal to total cost i.e. zero profitability.

Breakeven point (units) = Total Fixed Cost/(Average Unit Price – Unit Variable Cost)

Breakeven point ($$$) = Breakeven point (units) X AUP

You come up with the figures based on your own research and projections!

In addition, include your timeline for implementation; as well as the controls you intend to put in place, and how you intend to proceed when your benchmarks are not met (contingency plans).